I love life! I love people, adventure, fun, and music. I love pictures that give a window into the pure identity of a person, a second of joy that we never want to forget, or in the best cases, both at once. To me, photography is all about beauty. I believe that beauty is everywhere, in everything, and in everyone without brushing out the so-called imperfections that tell our story. My hope is to see the unexpected instants, seize them, and liberate them into a photograph. My desire is to chronicle life with pictures that help us remember how sweet it really is.

In 2012, we uprooted our family and moved to the Netherlands so I could learn from my friend, inspiration and mentor Gerhard Nel, an internationally acclaimed wedding photographer. My time spent working with him was invaluable and opened my eyes to countless possibilities I'd never seen. I am excited to start my professional photography journey in our new home of Sandpoint, ID and seeing where and to whom it leads me!