The Snowman Husband

A snowman as a surrogate husband for a christmas card photoshoot - as fun a premise for a family photoshoot as i have heard!! And it totally lived up to expectations in fun-ness. It was, of course, the inspiration of Ammi Midstokke of the Brazen Apron blog. If anyone can weather  divorce with more grace and sense of humor than Ammi and her daughter B, I would like to see it. She wanted pictures of the three of them doing lots of fun winter activities together - sledding, skiing, drinking hot chocolate, snowball fighting, with Mr Snowman Husband at the center of the action. 
It turned into a huge family affair with my husband, niece, and two of Ammii's friends, plus all our kids of course, joining in the action. And its a good thing they did, because between all the props we needed, trying to build a big enough snowman, so as not to have a ridiculously diminutive "husband", trying to protect my camera from the falling snow, and nursing Thalia in snatched moments while muffled in layers of goose down, everyone was pretty busy! Our grand plans of having the snowman actually move around for the different activities were soon foiled by the fact that our snowman was no "Frosty". Nonetheless, as inanimate as he was, he was very much part of the family. 
We had a blast posing all the activities, Ammi getting stuck for about ten minutes trying to fit her new telemark ski boots into her bindings, attempting to get some shots where her daughter, B, wasn't licking the snow. Of course, we had to get some couple-poses with Ammi and her new button-eyed, carrot-nosed man expressing their undying love and passion for each other!! After a couple of hours, we headed inside for warmth and a cup of Ammi's delicious coffee, which I am still dreaming about.....