Letters to our Children - April

My lovely Anahla,

Firstborn and so full of passion. We knew your name the second you came out - Anahla Joy, meaning Fiery Joy or a Flame of Joy. And wow, what a fire you are! From day one, you were full of fire - whatever you do or feel you are fully in it, no holds barred, no punches pulled. Whether it is raging anger, hysterical laughter, hurt feelings, abounding joy and excitement, or affection for your baby sister, you are completely abandoned to it! If you feel like being whiny when you are hurt, you are VERY whiny but if you feel like being tough, I can't believe what you can put up with without crying.

Sometimes it is hard to deal with your levels of passion, especially when it comes out as anger. But I am learning patience and learning the better ways to engage you. And I love your passion. I love that you are your own person, even though you are a twin. I love that people will not be able to push you around. I love that you only invest your energy in something when you see the value in it, not just when somebody else tells you to. And that when you invest you energy, it is completely wholehearted!

I love that you get lost for hours and hours in detailed creativity. You disappear in creating playdough projects or painting or putting mud on a stone in a way that I cannot imagine doing. You re so patient! I know you are truly happy when you sing as you work, which is every day!

I love that you are so entirely physical with your love. You push in to affection like a bull and will not take no for an answer and while that is sometimes tricky to manage, especially with your baby sister (though she is going to grow up tough thanks to you) I love that you express yourself so wholeheartedly! I love that you want "long long long long looooooong snugles" at night!

You have the cutest way of talking right now at the age of four that I wish i could capture, so enthusiastic and sweet with not all your pronunciation quite right.
I love that when we fight we can have long snuggles afterwards and talk about how it made us feel and that you accept my apologies so completely.

I love you more than you can know!

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